5 things I wish I knew when I started growing a beard.

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There comes a time in life where a man reaches a stage where the hair on his little chinny-chin-chin gets a little longer and noticeable than usual. Some sooner than others. I’ve grown up seeing the men around me with beards all shapes and sizes, but little did I know about the process of growing and taking care of the sacred beard until it came to pass to maintain my own. Starting Truebeard Co. has opened my eyes to another realm of facial hair and beard care. After trial and error, research, and just simply asking what hell to do, I’ve come up with 5 useful things that I wish would have known when I started.

1. Actually apply care to it!

Who would’ve thought, huh? For two years, I washed and combed my beard (kind of, not really) and left it at that. I ran across products in stores like oils and balms but never saw a use for them. I was unaware of the ‘why’. Soon, I began to realize the uncomfortable side effects of not using anything like the dreadful beard itch.

2. Oil isn’t enough.

Getting started, I experimented with using beard oil that was helpful, I began to see the relief from the dreadful beard itch. Unfortunately, that was only a piece of the whole pie. I was missing the essential ingredients that gave my beard life and shape like the balm, shampoo, and conditioner.

3. Keep head and shoulders on your head, not your beard

Don’t worry. I did it too. Hopping in the shower with the body wash next to the good ole’ shampoo, I thought I was good with using the regular shampoo on my head and my beard. Seems logical right?! Wrong! The hair on your head and on your beard are completely different. Your beard is depending on moisture to relieve itself from breakage. On the other hand, regular shampoo rids the scalp of the essential oils which is not the best remedy for your beard.

4.Smell Matters

Yes, yes it does. Don’t think so? Ask your significant other to take a deep breathe in your beard and ask how is it. Seriously, your beard, if thick enough, can contain elements you apply to it including smells. Fortunately, we at TrueBeard Co. provide scents that match your personality and lifestyle. Don’t stop at keeping your beard clean, give it some ‘smell-good’.

5. Care=Growth

What we’ve talked about so far does not stop at beard upkeep. These practices of using proper grooming tools & products growth. Time plays a factor in beard growth, but it is obsolete if care doesn’t have its say-so in the process.
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